How to Get Great Abs Without Pills

How to Get Great Abs Without Pills

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Situps and lean meat can help build a six-pack.

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Diet pills may seem like a quick way to tone your abs but most of them are dangerous. The secret to building great abs is losing weight -- you could have a rock solid six-pack tucked behind a warm layer of fat. Eating the right foods and weight training are also contributing factors to building strong abdominal muscles. With discipline in your diet and exercise regimen, you can build abs that will make a fitness model jealous.


Warm up for five to 10 minutes before exercise. A warm-up session gets your blood warm and increases the flexibility of your muscles, which will help prevent abdominal cramping while you exercise. You can jog, cycle or brisk walk to get your heart pumping. You only want to go to about 60 percent of your maximum heart rate. Estimate this by subtracting your age from 220; for example, a 25-year-old's estimated maximum heart rate will be 195.


Perform cardiovascular exercises to reduce the presence of abdominal fat. Contrary to popular belief, you cannot spot reduce fat, you have to reduce your overall body fat. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends you get 150 minutes of a moderate to intense level of exercise on a weekly basis. Split this in 30-minute sessions and work out five days a week. Cardio exercises include jogging, running, cycling, rowing and brisk walking.


Build your abdominal strength with weight training. The crunch exercise is effective; however, if you want to make it more challenging, you can add a weight plate by holding it to your chest with both hands while you lift your upper body. Work your obliques by performing crunches with a side bend hold, which entails twisting to your sides and holding it for two seconds. Use the ab crunch machine if you are a member of a gym. Aim for eight to 12 repetitions in two or three sets. For the rectus abdominis and transverse abdominis, perform the plank exercise. Lie prone on a mat, resting on your forearms with your shoulders over your elbows. Place your feet together, resting on your toes and hold the position for 10 to 15 seconds.


Eat a protein-centric diet. Have a diet mainly consisting of protein with a side of vegetables, fruits and healthy fats. Eat complex carbs for energy before and after your workout sessions. Choose protein such as turkey, and fish such as salmon, carbs such as brown rice, a variety of green vegetables and mixed fruits. Consume protein shakes and about 9 to 13 cups of water throughout the day.


  • Perform weight-training exercises for your whole body, rather than just your abdominals.


  • Consult a doctor before performing exercise if you have any heart problems or medication that may affect your ability to exercise.